The Planets of Solo

It occurred to me earlier that every planet in Solo is preexisting and it might be fun to do a little summary on all of them; where they came from, where we’ve seen them before, how they’re similar to their previous depictions, etc. First up:


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First Established: A New Hope

Region: Core Worlds

Grid Coordinates: M-11

Of all the planets in Solo, Corellia is probably the one with the longest history. It dates back to, obviously, A New Hope. It is most known for being Han Solo’s home world, something that was expanded on in Solo. The planet has always been an industrial world known for producing large ships, and it has retained its location in the Core Worlds. The capital city of Coronet, seen and mentioned by name in the movie, originally came from the Corellian trilogy. Its location on the coast also came from Legends. Other Legends aspects of the world carried into canon by Solo or its tie-in materials include the city Kor Vella, the star Corell, and the planet Selonia located in the same system.



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First Established: Splinter of the Mind’s Eye

Region: Expansion Region

Grid Coordinates: O-12

Mimban also has a very long history in Star Wars, coming from the very first original Star Wars novel, Splinter of the Mind’s Eye. The novel was written with the idea of serving as a potential low budget sequel to A New Hope in mind, so Mimban was designed to be a low budget world. It was a swamp planet known as Mimban to the locals, formally called Circarpous V. Though the formal name doesn’t seem to have stuck in canon, it is still located in the Circarpous Sector. The Mimbanese in Solo have some similarities to the Coway from Splinter, primarily the red skin. The Official Guide also references the Imperial Governor from the book, Bin Essada.



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First Established: Jedi Apprentice: The Deadly Hunter

Region: Mid Rim (Core Worlds in Legends)

Grid Coordinates: Unknown (L-9 in Legends)

Vandor doesn’t have nearly as much established lore as the last two planets, but it is a name from Legends. The lore it does have isn’t too similar to what the planet is in Solo. Vandor-3 first appeared in the junior novel Jedi Apprentice: The Deadly Hunter as a planet in the Coruscant system. The planet in Solo is Vandor-1 according to the Topps card, though it is only called Vandor by the Guide and other tie-ins. The location has also been moved from the Coruscant system in the Core Worlds to the Mid Rim. There are enough differences that I would be tempted to even call it a coincidence if it weren’t for the Topps card. Seems to mostly be a borrowed name, but it’s still neat.



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First Established: A New Hope

Region: Outer Rim

Grid Coordinates: T-10

Kessel, like Corellia, dates back to A New Hope, where it was mentioned in two different contexts (the Kessel Run and the Spice Mines). According to Pablo Hidalgo, George developed extensive notes about the planet, presumably including the idea that it was run by the Pyke Syndicate. Kessel’s proximity to the Maw is taken from Legends, although the Maelstrom is new. We got our first onscreen look at Kessel in the first episode of Star Wars Rebels in 2014. The planet looks similar (from orbit and the surface) in appearance to how it looked in Rebels, although the Maelstrom was not present in Rebels.



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First Established: Galaxy Guide 9

Region: Outer Rim

Grid Coordinates: Q-16

Savareen is little more than a name in Legends. The only real details we knew about the planet were that it was known for its brandy and its location from the Essential Atlas. The location of the planet seems unchanged judging from the Official Guide, and the famous brandy from Legends is actually mentioned in the film by Beckett. Pablo set up Savareen’s appearance in Solo in The Last Jedi’s Visual Dictionary by mentioning a casino game called Savareen Whist and putting the planet on that book’s map.


Bonus – Numidian Prime

The final planet in the film, where Han wins the Falcon from Lando, goes unidentified in both Solo itself and the Official Guide, but there is a hint to what it might be: Numidian Prime is the only otherwise unknown planet on the map and Lando is described as playing sabacc by Numidian Prime rules. I mentioned this back in my post on the references in the Official Guide, I think it’s a fair assumption that the final planet is Numidian Prime. Hopefully we’ll find out one way or another soon.


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